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FAA Tech Center’s Full-Scale Fire Test Facility

Dept. of Transportation

The picture shows a full-length wide body DC-10 test fuselage (right) and a full-length narrow body 707 fuselage (left) in the FAA William J Hughes Technical Center’s Full-Scale Fire Test Facility. Virtually any aircraft fire scenario can be recreated in this facility, including in-flight cargo compartment fires, lavatory or cabin fires, and external post-crash fuel fires. Extensive instrumentation is used to characterize the conditions inside the test fuselages during testing.

The FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center is the nation’s premier air transportation system laboratory.  The Tech Center’s workforce conducts test and evaluation, verification and validation, and sustainment of the FAA’s full range of aviation systems, and develops scientific solutions to current and future air transportation safety challenges by conducting applied research and development. Additionally, the Center provides the gateway for National Airspace System upgrades, improvements, and operational sustainment.

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