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FAA Tech Center’s POWER Laboratory Test Engine

Dept. of Transportation

Pictured above, FAA Airframe and Power Plant licensed technical specialists install a turbocharged 350-horsepower engine for use in the anti-detonation testing of unleaded aviation test fuels. Located in the Propulsion and AirpOWer Engineering Research (POWER) Laboratory, this engine model will be used during Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI) Phase 2 testing in simulated altitude detonation performance tests. The performance of PAFI fuels will be compared against that of a 100 low-lead (100LL) aviation gasoline.

The FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center is the nation’s premier air transportation system laboratory.  The Tech Center’s workforce conducts test and evaluation, verification and validation, and sustainment of the FAA’s full range of aviation systems, and develops scientific solutions to current and future air transportation safety challenges by conducting applied research and development. Additionally, the Center provides the gateway for National Airspace System upgrades, improvements, and operational sustainment.

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