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FLC’s T2 Toolkit Offers Resources for Federal Labs and Industry


One of the most comprehensive features to be included on the new federallabs.org website is the T2 Toolkit—a hub of tools and services technology transfer (T2) and industry professionals can use to gather and search for information as they navigate the commercialization process.

Containing the fundamental steps for successfully transferring technologies from the lab to the marketplace, the T2 Toolkit offers a complete roadmap for anyone looking to learn more about how to work with a federal lab and achieve their R&D goals.

The T2 Toolkit features some reliable tools that lab professionals have come to rely on—such as the FLC Technology Locator service and the Available Technologies Tool. It also contains the newly reorganized T2 Mechanisms database, which includes definitions of different types of T2 agreements for industry partners who may need extra assistance understanding the “lingo” used by their federal laboratory colleagues.

Other valuable components of the Toolkit that both labs and businesses can benefit from are the T2 Playbook and the FLC’s most recently developed tool, FLC Business. Descriptions of both, including the other resources you can leverage when you search the T2 Toolkit, are explained below.

A Roadmap of the T2 Process – Seven easy-to-understand steps that break down the technology transfer process—from identifying your R&D needs to commercialization—so potential partners can see how easy it is to work with a federal lab.

T2 Playbook – A play-by-play strategy manual for any T2 professional looking to improve their negotiating and commercialization skills while playing the “contact sport” that is tech transfer.

FLCBusiness – An FLC-developed comprehensive database designed so industry, agencies, and academia can search the wealth of federal laboratories, facilities and equipment, programs, and funding resources available to aid business development and accelerate T2.

Available Technologies Tool – A free one-stop shop to locate licensing opportunities for a particular type of technology anywhere in the nationwide system of federal labs and research centers. 

Technology Locator Service – Need a little extra assistance finding a lab or technology to meet your R&D needs? The Technology Locator can identify lab resources that can respond to any specific technology need and provide referrals to other federal resources.

T2 Mechanisms – Learn about the different types of T2 agreements and view sample agreements from different federal agencies that are necessary to obtain a technology license or to utilize a laboratory facility in the T2 Mechanisms database.

Each of these tools is designed to provide valuable resources in one information hub, as well as help federal and industry T2 professionals stay on top of their commercialization goals.

Start exploring all of the resources the T2 Toolkit has to offer by visiting federallabs.org/T2-Tookit.

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