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FLC Announces Newly Elected 2018 FLC Officers

During the 2018 FLC national meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the FLC held its annual elections for open positions to serve on the Executive Board and as regional officers. While absentee ballots were available from March 23 – April 17, onsite voting took place April 24 – 25 and was open to Consortium Representatives whose memberships are registered with the Consortium Recording Secretary.

The FLC Nominating Committee is pleased to announce this year’s FLC national and regional officers, listed below. These elected officers will serve 2-year terms at the start of the new fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018. The FLC is excited to have these new officers onboard as the organization continues its mission of promoting, educating, and facilitating technology transfer to better serve the innovation efforts of its member laboratories and partners.

Recording Secretary

Terry Taylor

NASA Marshall Flight Center

Finance Officer

Dr. Courtney Silverthorn



Thomas Mulkern, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Kelly Wright, NOAA

Dan Lockney, NASA HQ

Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Jack Pevenstein, Sc.D., P.E.


Mid-Atlantic Deputy Regional Coordinator

Carmen Krieger


Midwest Regional Coordinator

Brooke Pyne

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division

Midwest Deputy Regional Coordinator

Jenna Dix

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division

Far West Regional Coordinator

Jennifer Stewart

NSWC Corona

Far West Deputy Regional Coordinator

Annemarie Meike, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

To learn more about each of these newly elected FLC officers, visit https://meeting.federallabs.org/2018-officers/.

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