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FLC Learning Center Is Your Resource for T2 Education

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The new FLC site makes it easier than ever for you to access crucial educational resources with our redesigned Learning Center.

Our goal at the FLC is to be the premier source of T2 learning for our members, and we designed the Learning Center with your training needs in mind. This central location for T2 training resources makes it easy to find, share, and use what you need from our vast wealth of educational content.

At the Learning Center, you can find a variety of material, including:

  • Reference library – Download and order key reference publications like the “Green Book” and T2 Desk Reference, as well as a growing section of white papers on select T2 topics by your peers and colleagues.
  • On-Demand – On your own schedule, take interactive e-courses on T2 topics or watch recordings from our webinar archive. Our on-demand offerings are a great way to get a feel for the basics and deepen your understanding of the T2 conversation.
  • Training events – Find out what training opportunities are coming up and get them on your calendar—from classes to online sessions and more.
  • Mentorship Program – Participate in this program to get special access to commercialization experts across the field who can help you improve your T2 game. You can contact a mentor directly, pose questions on the FLC Forum, or join monthly live office hours to discuss your issues. Discover more about the mentors and how to connect with them at the Learning Center.
  • What Is T2? – Use this section, which contains a “50,000-foot” explanation of T2 and how it works, to explain the role of this crucial program to potential customers, scientists, or anyone else who’s new to T2.
  • Resources – Visit our glossary of terms to improve your T2 vocabulary, or learn more about external training opportunities with other organizations in the larger T2 community—from certification programs to brief, free sessions.

The Learning Center brings all of these tools and resources together in one place so you can get what you need to educate yourself.

To start taking advantage of these powerful materials, visit the Learning Center at https://www.federallabs.org/Learning-Center.

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