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FLC Media Center Provides Essential Resources to T2 Professionals

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) Media Center is a valuable tool for the technology transfer (T2) community as it encompasses a wide variety of resources. Direct access to the publication and video libraries, press releases, important FLC news, and other features are available in the media center.

Publication Library

The publication library holds all of the works produced by and about the FLC, including:

• FLC Planner

• Green Book and T2 Desk Reference

• Annual reports

• Award publications

• White papers

• Brochures, flyers and much more!

All publications and marketing materials are free for T2 professionals to easily view and download for their reference or marketing needs.

Video Library

FLC-produced videos highlighting and honoring the important work of federal laboratories and their partners can be found in the Media Center’s video library. Videos such as “What Is Technology Transfer?” or “Accessing Federal Laboratory Resources with FLC Business,” as well as awards and partnership videos, are available for visitors to download and share with their colleagues.

FLC Style Guide

The FLC Style Guide, which defines the FLC’s branding guidelines, offers best practices and rules for applying the FLC logo to effectively maintain the FLC identity. The Style Guide section of the Media Center offers a wide variety of FLC logos accessible for view or download.

Editorial Calendar/Submissions

Users can navigate to the Editorial Calendar/Submissions section to view guidelines and requirements when submitting to the various means of communication the FLC uses to distribute technology transfer news, commercialization successes and R&D partnership developments.

The FLC encourages anyone looking to post a piece of T2 news, event, career information, success story, or submit to an FLC publication to visit the Editorial Calendar/Submissions page. We’re always looking for the latest T2 news that will assist in our mission of promoting federal laboratories’ T2 missions.

To browse the vast array of available resources, visit the FLC Media Center at federallabs.org/media.

FLC News