2012 FLC Award Winners Honored in Pittsburgh

awards cover

The winners of the 2012 FLC Awards were recognized for their outstanding efforts at a ceremony on May 3 at the conclusion of the FLC National Meeting. A total of 33 winners representing 28 laboratories and 5 agencies received awards. Congratulations to all of the individuals and laboratories that set the standard for technology transfer excellence. To view a complete summary of each award, request a copy of the 2012 Awards Publication, or download a PDF copy here.

Awards for Excellence in Technology Transfer

Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service, Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory

“Honey Bees with Varroa Sensitive Hygiene”

Agricultural Research Service, Midwest Area

“Virtual Grower Software for Greenhouse Crop Production”

Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center

“Ecologically-Based Invasive Plant Management of Invasive Annual Grasses”

Department of Defense - Army

U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

“Tactical-Biological Detector (TAC-BIO)”

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

“Nanometer-Scale Wet Sample Imagery for Transmission Electron Microscopes”

Department of Defense - Navy

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River

“Air Conditioning System (OxiCool)”

“NavSolve™ Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solvent”

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division

“Advanced Diver’s Mask-Mounted Display System”

Department of Defense - Air Force

711th Human Performance Wing, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine

“Cone Contrast Test for Detection of Color Vision Deficiency”

Department of Defense - National Security Agency

National Security Agency

“Method of Tampering Detection for Digital Devices (AutoBerry)”

Department of Energy

Argonne National Laboratory

“Resin Wafer Electrodeionization”

Los Alamos National Laboratory

“INFICOMM: Wireless Monitoring Technology for Oil and Gas Wells”

“Recycling of Strontium-82 for Use in Medical Diagnostic Imaging”

National Energy Technology Laboratory

“Development of a Platinum-Chromium Alloy for Improved Coronary Stents”

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

“Materials for a Low-Cost, Clean Cookstove”

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

“Chemically Etched Emitters for Nanoelectrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry”

Sandia National Laboratories

“Fuel Cell Mobile Light”

Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“Heat-Inactivated Rotavirus Vaccine”

Department of Health and Human Services - National Institutes of Health

National Cancer Institute

“An Interactive Software Package for the Analysis of Microarray Data”

“Development of Eribulin, a Potent Anti-Cancer Agent from a Marine Sponge”

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

“Use of Therapeutic Antibodies as a Novel Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis”

“Vibro-Tactile Stimulation Device and Method for Swallowing Disorders”

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

“Stretched Lens Array: Ultra-Light, Affordable Green Energy Technology"

Interagency Partnership Award

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division - Naval Sea Systems Command

Laboratory Director of the Year Awards

Dr. Samuel Aronson, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Douglas Bowers, Air Force Research Laboratory, Propulsion Directorate

Michael Kluse, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Outstanding Technology Transfer Professional Award

Dr. Charles Schlagel, Naval Medical Research Center

Rookie of the Year Award

Holly Victorson, Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy and Space Vehicles Directorate

FLC Service Award - Harold Metcalf Award

Victor Chavez, USDA Agricultural Research Service

FLC Service Award - Representative of the Year Award

John Dement, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division

State and Local Economic Development Award

Sandia Science & Technology Park, Sandia National Laboratories

STEM Award

Ricardo Negron, Air Force Research Laboratory