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The FLC Spotlight is a bi-weekly thematic newsletter highlighting issues of interest to the FLC and its partners. If you missed one of FLC's Spotlight newsletters you are in luck. 
Please view our FLC Spotlight archives below. 


June 2021 FLC Spotlight

  • FLC SPOTLIGHT: DoD T2 Training Courses Now On Demand for All: June 7 Issue

May 2021 FLC Spotlight

  • FLC SPOTLIGHT: Calls for S&T Papers and Posters: May 17 Issue
  • FLC SPOTLIGHT: T2 Funding Opportunities: May 3 Issue

April 2021 FLC Spotlight 

March 2021 FLC Spotlight 

  • FLC SPOTLIGHT: 2020 Mid-Continent Regional Award Winners: March 8 Issue

February 2021 FLC Spotlight

January 2021 FLC Spotlight

December 2020 FLC Spotlight

November 2020 FLC Spotlights

  • FLC Spotlight: 2020 National Awards - National Awards for Energy-based technologies: November 30th Issue
  • FLC Spotlight: 2020 National Awards - National Awards for Health-based technologies: November 2nd Issue

October 2020 FLC Spotlights 

  • FLC SPOTLIGHT: 2020 National Awards - National Awards for Sensor-based Technologies: October 19th Issue

September 2020 FLC Spotlights 

August 2020 FLC Spotlight

July 2020 FLC Spotlights

June 2020 FLC Spotlights 

  • FLC SPOTLIGHT: National Awards - Individual Winners: June 29th Issue 
  • This Week's Spotlight: T2 and Irrigation - Where Innovation Meets Conservation: June 15th Issue
  • FLC SPOTLIGHT: Federal labs in the fight against cancer: June 1st Issue

May 2020 FLC Spotlights 

April 2020 FLC Spotlight