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FLC Video Sparks “What Is Technology Transfer?” Conversation

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Believe it or not, most people have never heard of technology transfer (T2) and don’t realize that they can leverage federal laboratory resources for their research and development and commercialization needs. Chances are, if you’re reading this news post, you’ve at least heard of T2 or work in a T2 office at a federal lab. But the FLC wants to change the discourse about lab-to-market initiatives from being primarily a public-sector topic.

Our goal is to turn tech transfer into a household name by educating members of industry, small businesses, startups, incubators, and anyone else eager to change the way federal resources are utilized about the significant impact T2 has on our nation’s economic advancement.

The FLC’s recently produced video, “What Is Technology Transfer?” aims to do just that by breaking down the T2 process in an easy-to-understand way. Commercialization success stories like DARPA’s GPS or NASA’s memory foam technology are just a few examples in the video that explain how anyone can work with a federal lab to further their technology development.

Created as a powerful tool for federal laboratories to share and utilize for marketing purposes, the FLC video features lab footage and directions for how potential partners can get started seeking information about how to access federal resources.

Like the rest of the T2 community, the FLC wants to help businesses and innovators understand what T2 is, as well as share its significant impact on our economy.

If you’re an FLC member, feel free to share and use the “What Is T2?” video! Here are a few ways you can share:

  • Grab the embed code from the FLC YouTube channel to add the video to your website
  • Share it via social media
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  • Or, add the link to your email signature. 

Get the video at www.youtube.com/Federallabs. Click Share to obtain the direct link to the video or the embed code to add to your website.

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