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Heat Treatment Furnace

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Inventor Roland David Seals of Y-12 National Security Complex developed the Infra Red Heat Treatment Furnace and HotWave process. These inventions are a new furnace and process for the treatment of metals, metal alloys, and other materials. Compared to current gas furnace based processes, this simple and practical system—designed for industrial application—results in lower costs, increased throughput, and a smaller environmental footprint. Other advantages of the HotWave process are 90 percent energy efficiency, elimination of 20 to 30 hour throughput bottlenecks, uniformity and control of furnace temperature, and parts treatment. Any company that manufactures metals and metal alloys, or other materials, would benefit greatly from use of the HotWave process.

For more information, visit http://www.y12.doe.gov/business/technologies/licensing.php

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