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Idaho National Laboratory Grants Give Students Head Start on College and Technical Training


Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has awarded more than $20,000 in grants to help high school students earn technical certificates or college credits in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses.

INL’s Dual Credit Scholarship Program awarded grants ranging from $600 to $6,000 to several Idaho school districts, as well as the Idaho Falls and Pocatello Chambers of Commerce. The money covers the extra fees associated with college-level or technical certificate courses, which can cost students $15 to $65 a credit.

"It is much less expensive for students to take these classes while they are still in high school," said Melinda Hamilton, INL’s Education Programs director. "Taking dual credit courses gives them a head start on college. Some of them are able to earn a year’s worth of college credits or a technical certificate by the time they graduate from high school."

Schools have up to a year to select candidates for the scholarships, which are intended to help students, particularly those considered at risk or underserved. Schools applied for money through a competitive application process and were selected based on need and how they planned to disburse the money.

For more information: https://inlportal.inl.gov/portal/server.pt?open=514&objID=1555&mode=2&featurestory=DA_570587

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