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Inherently Safe In-situ Uranium Recovery


Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories realized the need for a safer way to mine uranium. As mining continues to grow in the United States, so do concerns over its environmental impact. An approach that may alleviate some of these problems may be in situ recovery (ISR) of uranium, which involves circulating reactive fluids through an underground uranium deposit. These fluids contain chemical agents that dissolve the ore so uranium can be recovered once the fluid is pumped back to the surface. New and more stringent standards of uranium traces in drinking water are making mining operations more difficult and costly.

Inherently Safe In-situ Uranium RecoveryBenefits

  • Increased safety of uranium removal
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Restoration of aquifer to regulatory standards
  • Reduced cost
  • Greater efficiency

Applications and Industries

  • Nuclear power & waste applications
  • Mining operations

For more information: Virginia Cleary, 505-284-8902, vdclear@sandia.gov

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