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Introducing LabTech in Your Life

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is excited to introduce LabTech in Your Life, a virtual experience that reveals the everyday places and spaces where you find and interact with federal technologies. This unique environment showcases federal agencies’ and laboratories’ most recognizable technology development and collaborative partnership successes in a modern, interactive platform.

LabTech at Home

LabTech at Home is the first virtual environment of LabTech in Your Life. Visitors can explore the familiar setting of a home and discover successfully commercialized federal technologies that are now commonly used household items. Each technology represents years of federal laboratory R&D and demonstrates successful technology transfer (T2) partnerships that have accelerated economic growth and increased industry innovation for decades.

Discover Innovation Success

Learn the story behind how the techs you use every day made their way to the marketplace and into your home! From technologies such as the NASA-developed mobile camera, to the USDA-invented permanent-press cotton that’s woven into your wardrobe, LabTech at Home features a wealth of innovation inspiration. We encourage you to explore, discover, and experience all our environment has to offer.

Start experiencing LabTech in Your Life, visit https://www.federallabs.org/successes/labtech-in-your-life

FLC News