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Join Mojdeh Bahar Thursday, Feb. 9 for Office Hours

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Have questions about what’s next for tech transfer or how to engage the process? Join us this Thursday, Feb. 9, for online office hours with Mojdeh Bahar of the Agricultural Research Service.

Mojdeh is a great sounding board for your T2 challenges and professional development questions. She is an experienced trainer and a master negotiator, with experience at multiple agencies, and is a former FLC Chair and Regional Coordinator. In addition to good advice on any specific tech transfer questions, she’s got great insight into where T2 is going and how to stay current in the field.

Stop in Thursday, Feb. 9 between 2:30 and 3:00 pm EST to chat with Mojdeh. Learn how to join at the calendar event here. If you can’t make it, send her an email to get in touch directly.

The FLC mentorship program is designed to help you get to know T2 experts through events like these monthly “office hours” webinars. Learn more at the FLC mentorship program page.

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