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Join Office Hours With Kristen Schario June 9

This Thursday, at 2:30 p.m. EDT, drop in on this month’s office hours to get guidance from FLC mentor Kristen Schario.


As a longtime technology transfer manager at the Air Force Research Laboratory and current Executive Board Member-at-Large, Kristen has great insights to share. She has expertise in a wide variety of T2 agreements and situations, both in general and in the unique environment of defense and aerospace technologies. And, as a former Midwest Regional Coordinator, she’s brought many great educational and networking opportunities to FLC members.

You get the chance to pick her brain this Thursday during our online office hours. Kristen will be available from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. EDT to help you with your T2 questions. Whatever your concern—whether you have a tough negotiation, a tricky technology to promote, or a career question—she is standing by to talk you through it!

All year, we’re hosting office hours on the second Thursday of every month to help you connect with mentors like Kristen about your own T2 questions. It’s a great chance to ask questions in a low-pressure environment. There’s no need to preregister and no agenda. It’s just an informal chat with an expert. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a specific problem, need a recommendation for a good resource or tool, or want career advice, mentors are available to help.

Drop in on our office hours and ask Kristen your questions this Thursday, June 9! Learn how at our calendar event for this session.

New this year, the mentorship program is designed to help you get to know some of the FLC’s most seasoned experts. You can seek their guidance through these office hours, post questions on the FLC forum, or email mentors (including Kristen) directly to set up a private conversation.

Learn more about the FLC mentorship program at www.federallabs.org/mentorship-program.

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