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Join Office Hours With May’s Mentor, FLC E&T Chair Sarah Bauer

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Join our office hours this Thursday at 2:30 p.m. EDT to pick the brain of May’s mentor—Sarah Bauer of the FLC Education and Training Committee.

In addition to her role as Federal Technology Transfer Act Coordinator at the EPA, Sarah is responsible for bringing you the intensive training curriculum at the national meeting, as well as many FLC online educational programs and literature.

Get to know her this Thursday, and you’ll see that she’s a fantastic resource for learning more about educational opportunities—as well as for advice about a variety of technology transfer topics, including agreements, negotiation, writing, T2 benchmarking, and more. In fact, she just received the FLC’s Harold Metcalf Award for her service to the FLC and T2 community.

We’re holding online office hours once a month so you can connect with mentors like Sarah about your own T2 questions. You don’t have to register, and there’s no agenda, just the chance to chat with an expert. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a specific problem, need a recommendation for a good resource or tool, or need career advice, mentors are available to help.

Drop in on our office hours and ask Sarah your questions this Thursday, May 12! She’ll be online from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. EDT. Learn how at our calendar event for this session.

New this year, the mentorship program is designed to help you get to know some of the FLC’s most seasoned experts. You can seek their guidance through these office hours, post questions on the FLC forum, or email mentors (including Sarah) directly to set up a private conversation.

Learn more about the FLC mentorship program at www.federallabs.org/mentorship-program.

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