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Lab Spotlight: Air Force Academy - The Hauler

AFRL Hauler ResearchImage 1406756224

The Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research at the United States Air Force Academy is leading the way in developing new ways to use remotely piloted aircraft to aid the warfighter as well as the private sector. Directed by Dr. George York, the center has five full-time researchers overseeing a fleet of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) platforms. ACUASR offers cadets a world-class opportunity to be on the cutting edge of UAS research. In recent months, cadets created a UAS using an off-the-shelf Android phone as the system’s onboard computer and a tablet system as the ground station controller.

In this Air Force Academy photo, Cadet Francis Marges gets ready to launch the Hauler, the main platform used for UAS research at the Academy.

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