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Lab Spotlight: Argonne - Solar Charging


At Argonne National Laboratory, Devin Hodge charges an electric vehicle at a solar-powered charging station.

As part of Argonne’s continuing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, several electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed around the laboratory campus as part of Argonne’s EV Charging Pilot Program. In addition to displacing petroleum through the use of EVs and plug-in hybrids, the program includes the installation of a solar power array and wind turbine to provide clean, renewable electricity for charging. When not being used to charge electric vehicles, stations provide power to nearby buildings for a significant cost savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

As plug-in electric vehicles become more common, the challenge of managing their interactions with the power grid increases accordingly. Argonne researchers provide support to emerging technology development in grid connectivity, bridging the needs of the EV manufacturers and the utility companies that supply electricity. This research and development effort focuses on practical applications that will enhance market acceptance of plug-in vehicles and their charging infrastructure.

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