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Lab Spotlight: CRREL - Snow Gun Testing

CRREL Snow Gun Test

Snow in summer? In a refrigerated room at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), Snow Logic, a developer of snowmaking technologies, recently compared snow guns for performance.

Within the laboratory’s Ice Engineering Facility, a refrigerated test room provided the needed 26-degree Fahrenheit air temperature, an 80-foot by 160-foot space, and 50-degree Fahrenheit water to make snow.

The cost of snowmaking is a significant portion of a ski area’s operating budget. The tests conducted at CRREL may provide viable technologies to reduce those operating costs. According to Snow Logic, the snow gun that CRREL helped test uses just one kilowatt compared to the 60 used by a conventional snow gun.

“With energy-efficient and portable ground units [snow guns] like the one we are demonstrating here today, we can make snow sooner in the season and cheaper,” said Mitch Dodson, Snow Logic’s president and principal design engineer.

Local snowmakers from Killington Mountain Resort & Ski Area were also at the lab to view the newest snow gun in action.

Photo by Marie Darling, ERDC PAO.

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