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Lab Spotlight: ECBC - Field-Deployable Hydrolysis System (FDHS)


Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s (CBC) Field-Deployable Hydrolysis System (FDHS) is a transportable, high-throughput neutralization system designed to render chemical warfare materiel into compounds not usable as weapons. The system can be used to neutralize bulk amounts of known chemical warfare agents and their precursors through chemical reactions involving reagents such as water, sodium hydroxide, and sodium hypochlorite. The FDHS uses mixing and heating to facilitate chemical reactions and optimize throughput with a destruction efficiency of 99.9 percent. The technology was used to destroy the chemical agent stockpile in Syria in 2014.

Since 1917, ECBC’s science and technology expertise has protected the United States from the threat of chemical weapons Since then, the Center has expanded its mission to include biological materials, and has emerged as the nation’s premier authority on chemical and biological defense.

Photo by U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command

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