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LADAR Transmitting and Receiving System


Laboratory: Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate

Technology: LADAR-based sensor system that creates 3-D maps to help ground robots navigate

Opportunity: Available for licensing and CRADA opportunities

Details: ARL’s receiver meets the market’s need for a LADAR receiver that provides clear, short-range images that unmanned ground robots use to navigate, avoid obstacles, and identify targets. It can produce clearer, more highly pixellated images at distances of up to ten times that of existing technologies, without needing precision alignment. Its compact size and use of off-the-shelf components make it low-cost and highly configurable.

Applications: There is a wide variety of commercial applications for ground robots using this system, including package delivery; garbage pickup; lawn maintenance; explosives disposal and other law enforcement/first responder activities; safety applications in manufacturing; forensic and archeological scene archiving; and capturing range/depth data for 3-D TV and cinema.

Contact: Mike Rausa, ARL Office of Research and Technology Applications, or Julio Suarez, SAIC.

For more information about this technology, visit ARL’s technology fact sheets page.

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