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Last Week to Submit Your Partnerships With State and Local Governments!

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You’ve only got a week left to share your labs’ success stories for our Federal Laboratories & State and Local Governments publication. Don’t forget to submit them by July 17!

The 2015 edition of Federal Labs & State and Local Governments: Partners for Technology Transfer Success will publicize your strategic partnerships with state and local governments, and how they improve your communities and their economies. It’s a great place to get the word out about your role in technology-based economic development in your state.

All you have to do is submit a story of a successful partnership between your lab and a state or local government entity for regional economic benefit, and include a high-quality image to back it up. (To get an idea, you can read the 2013 edition to see what your colleagues have accomplished in the past.)

If selected, your story will be part of a major publication that reaches the entire FLC community and beyond. We also distribute it to attendees of the SSTI annual conference to alert as many state economic development groups as possible to what you can do.

Don’t miss this chance to let the world know what you can do to help your region’s economy!

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