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LLNL and Navistar’s SuperTruck I Team Aim to Improve Fuel Economy

Dept. of Energy

As part of a Navistar SuperTruck I team, LLNL helped to design a new type of tractor-trailer truck that improves fuel economy by 124 percent. SuperTruck I achieved 13mpg on public roads and a 104-percent freight efficiency improvement. Forty-eight percent of the improvement comes from aerodynamic enhancements developed by LLNL and Navistar; the remainder comes from engine efficiency, tire rolling resistance, light weighting, and other advancements. The trucking industry could achieve fuel efficiency gains equating to 21 billion gallons of diesel fuel saved, 210 million tons of reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and $52 billion saved at an average diesel price of $2.51/gallon annually.

LLNL’s mission is to make the world a safer place. The lab leads the nation in stockpile science and delivers solutions for the nation's most challenging security problems. LLNL's mission areas include: biosecurity, defense, intelligence, science, counterterrorism, energy, nonproliferation and weapons. LLNL achieves its mission goals through program directorates in Computations/High Performance Computing, Lasers & Photon Science, Global Security, Physical & Life Sciences, Engineering and Weapons Complex Integration.

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