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Major LabTech in Your Life Updates Now Live!

LabTech in Your Life is a virtual experience that showcases the everyday places and spaces where you find and interact with federal technologies. The FLC is excited to release several upgrades to this virtual platform that now features nearly 50 federally developed commercialized technologies, 7 tour stops, and an all-new look and feel throughout each virtual space.

Discover Lab-to-Market Success

Learn the story behind how the technologies you use every day made their way to the marketplace and into your home! From technologies such as the NASA-developed mobile camera to the USDA-invented permanent-press cotton that’s woven into your wardrobe, LabTech at Home features a wealth of innovation inspiration.

Each technology represents years of federal laboratory R&D and demonstrates successful technology transfer (T2) partnerships in a wide range of scientific areas. We encourage you to explore, discover, and experience all our environment has to offer.

A Technology Transfer Marketing Tool 

LabTech in Your Life easily functions as a marketing tool for agencies and laboratories to educate the public about T2. Through our platform, you can:

  • Promote your R&D successes
  • Easily share with partners
  • Raise awareness about the impact T2 has on our lives.

To learn how to view and embed the LabTech in Your Life environment on your T2 website, visit labtechinyourlife.com.

FLC News