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We’re excited to introduce FLCBusiness, the FLC’s newest interactive business resource tool.

It’s an information hub—a "one-stop shop" where businesses can search for information about all of the federal laboratory resources they can leverage. This all-inclusive search database shares information about labs’ capabilities and know-how, facilities and equipment available for use, lab-specific programs, and funding opportunities. Once users find the right opportunities, they engage the lab’s representative and start down the path to using those resources for their business needs.

“This tool is the missing piece to the T2 puzzle for many businesses,” said Mojdeh Bahar, former FLC Chair.

Any business, large or small, now has a new window of access to all the federal innovations and capabilities that can help it grow. With the cooperation of federal labs across the country providing their leading-edge resources, FLCBusiness is an incredibly powerful tool that can progress businesses, industry, and federal labs into an economically innovative and industrial future for our nation.

FLCBusiness is an innovation that answers the President’s call to strengthen commercialization efforts and accelerate the tech transfer process. By developing this interactive IT tool to guide industry through the T2 process, we’ve risen to the President’s lab-to-market and Open Government Initiative challenges.

With both public and private sectors experiencing shrinking budgets, we are pleased to offer this free tool to help businesses and federal labs meet these goals.

“By housing all of this information on one dynamic site, the FLC is able to further its mission to bolster T2 and assist with the evolution of U.S. industry,” said FLC Chair Paul Zielinski.

To learn more about using FLCBusiness and how to get results, watch a recording of the webinar we presented on this tool at the Nov. 5-6 Tech-to-Market Virtual Forum.

Visit FLCBusiness to get started!

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