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Meet the New FLC Business!

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The FLC is excited to announce that the new and improved FLC Business is officially live to the public! Over the past year, many major enhancements went into revamping the search functionality and adding to the breadth of federal laboratory data that this unique, comprehensive search tool now offers.

What’s New?

  1. The integration of our Available Technologies Search Tool (AT), which pulls in thousands of ready-to-license technologies from across the federal laboratory system, into one easy-to-search database.
  2. Adding the Apache Solr platform, a major search capability update that will scale as the system continues to grow.
  3. Advanced search filters that allow users to filter by keyword, technology discipline, agency, location and business type.
  4. An updated design for a more modern user interface experience.

FLC Business – Search. Connect. Engage.

The new changes that went into FLC Business have transformed this search tool into one of the most innovative business resources available. Now any business, entrepreneur or inventor looking to work with a federal laboratory can search federal resources with ease, connect with the proper laboratory personnel, and engage with science and technology experts who can help move their research and development to the next phase of the commercialization process. 

To test the new FLC Business enhancements for yourself and share its comprehensive features with your colleagues, visit flcbusiness.org.

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