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DHS and Partners Create Safer Gloves for Firefighters

Firefighters wear protective gloves called “structure gloves” to keep their hands safe on the job. The protective equipment firefighters wear—including structure gloves—gives them the confidence to focus on putting out fires and saving lives; however, the structure gloves...
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DHS Licenses Malware Detector Through New T2 Program

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) announced that technology from its Cyber Security Division Transition-to-Practice (TTP) program has been licensed for market commercialization. The technology, Hyperion, developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory...
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DoD Funding Available for Environmental Research and Development

ALEXANDRIA, VA, October 24, 2019—The Department of Defense’s (DoD) Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) is seeking to fund environmental research and development proposals. SERDP is DoD’s environmental science and technology program, planned and executed in partnership...
DOD lab Day

DOD Lab Day Showcases Innovative Technical Solutions

The Department of Defense (DOD) held its second biennial DOD Lab Day on May 18, hosted by Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering May J. Miller. The event showcased more than 80 exhibits of innovative technical solutions developed by the Defense Laboratory Enterprise...