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Laboratory: U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Information Directorate

Technology: Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK™)

Opportunity: AFRL is seeking interested industry partners to license and commercialize its ATAK™ technology.

Details: Developed as a government open-source project, this AFRL tech is an Android-based application that enables collaborative sharing of geospatial information and has various real-time communication capabilities.

Benefits and Potential Applications: ATAK™ has numerous benefits and application potential to industry, government and military users.

Industry/civilian capabilities include:

  • Online and offline mapping (most standard formats), with a fast rendering engine
  • Web Browser, JavaScript, API
  • Collaborative mapping, including points, drawings, locations of interest, kml, maps
  • Location marking, sharing, history
  • Chat, file sharing, photo sharing, video sharing, streaming
  • Navigation (walking/hiking, driving, also useful for some flying)
  • Altitude profiling between locations, routes w/DTED, SRTM
  • Cell phone, Wi-Fi, civilian radio controls, interface
  • Skydiving tool (w/winds for better prediction)—but our guys still wear (2) altimeters
  • Hunting, fishing, ornithology, wildlife site survey


Military specific capabilities include:

  • Site survey tool
  • Targeting
  • Mensuration (precise geo-location)
  • Runway survey tools
  • Military radio controls, messages, interface


Contact: For more information on this unique AFRL technology, contact Sean Patten, CLP, at

To learn more about the ATAK application, visit