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Apparatus for Removing Phosphorus From Wastewater

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Agency: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 

Technology: Apparatus for removing phosphorus from wastewater

Opportunity: This USGS patented technology is available to license.

Details: By using pelletized waste sludge that is compatible with phosphorus, this USGS-developed method and system successfully removes highly reactive phosphorus from wastewater. Through the combination of packing waste sludge pellets into one or more flow-through contact reactors and “pulsing” wastewater through the reactor(s), the phosphorus has time to be absorbed through the sludge, thus maximizing the removal of its harmful elemental qualities.

Benefits: High levels of phosphorus in runoff and wastewater from animal production facilities, overuse of fertilizers, and disposal of animal wastes can adversely affect watersheds and can result in severe consequences for aquatic life and water quality. This low-cost USGS technology prevents those excessive levels of phosphorus from harming water and its surrounding environment.


  • Agricultural operations
  • Incorporation into high volume streams
  • Fish hatcheries 

Contact: For more information about this technology, contact Benjamin Henry at To view the original patent information, click here.