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Data Port Protection and Tamper Detection Method

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Laboratory: National Security Agency (NSA) 

Technology: Data Port Protection and Tamper Detection

Opportunity: The NSA has completed the data port protection and tamper detection technology, and it is available for licensing.

Details: Designed to improve cyber defense and maintain a computer system’s integrity, this NSA technology provides a method for denying, deterring, and detecting unauthorized access to various types of computer ports and removal of USB cables. 

Benefits: The data port protection and tamper detection method is inexpensive and easy-to-install, and has one-time and multi-use models. This tech also provides an additional layer of security over software-based systems and offers economic enterprise-wide solutions.

Potential Applications:

  • Desktop, laptop and server computer port protection
  • Cloud computing server rooms, data center/networks OPS center
  • Router, network hub, and KVM switch security, among others.

Contact: For more information about this technology, contact the NSA Technology Transfer Program’s Office of Research and Technology Applications at

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