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Fermi Lab’s Magnetron

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Technology: Injection Locked Magnetron With Phase and Amplitude Control

Opportunity: Funding and development partners wanted to help get this prototype off the ground and into the marketplace. Currently, the patent on this technology is pending. There are no license agreements or commitments at this time.

Market: Industrial accelerators, medical accelerators, scientific particle accelerators

Details: Fermilab recently demonstrated amplitude and phase regulation in narrow band radio frequency (RF) devices, e.g., superconducting RF (SRF) cavities driven by constant power output devices (e.g., magnetrons). The technology enables the use of low-cost, high-efficiency magnetrons for RF power sources where tight vector control is required.

Benefits: The significant cost savings associated with this technology can accelerate the adoption of SRF technology for industrial accelerators, improving the energy efficiency of these machines. This increased efficiency, coupled with the reduced complexity of the supporting infrastructure, will enable the development of more compact and mobile machines for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Contact: For more details on the magnetron technology and opportunity, contact Aaron Sauers, Patent & Licensing Executive, Fermilab, at