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Gapless and Seamless Wafer-Scale Detector System for High-Resolution Imaging

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Laboratory: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)

Technology: Gapless and Seamless Wafer-Scale Detector System for High-Resolution Imaging

Opportunity: Fermilab’s pixelated detector system is currently in the prototype development stage, and its patent is pending—meaning there is no license to date. Fermilab is seeking both funding and development partners for this technology.

Details: The technology is a pixelated detector system whose basic module size well exceeds that of any currently available device. Its size is equal to that of a full sensor wafer, and the device is completely seamless, with no dead zones. 

The system consists of three major components:

1) A wafer-scale sensor with approximately one million pixels

2) A silicon interposer (also called a silicon printed circuit board, or SiPCB), which serves as an interconnection device and pitch adapter between the sensor wafer pixels and a number of smaller readout ASICs

3) The custom front-end readout ASIC with a few tens of thousands of pixels, which implements a novel design concept to achieve high dynamic range while maintaining both small pixel area and low power dissipation.

Benefits: Ultra-high resolution imaging technology using a wafer-scale pixelated detector system with no dead zones ensures that critical information is captured cleanly and with a fine degree of detail.

Potential Applications: Fermilab’s pixelated detector system has the potential to be applied for all types of position sensitive detectors, timing and energy spectroscopic detectors in high energy and nuclear physics, photon science, material science, etc. The proposed technology is modular, hence the sensor material can be changed to any material that can be grown in wafer-scale areas, and can collect electrons that can be used for energy ranges beyond that of silicon (few keV up to 8-10 keV).

Contact: For more information on this technology, contact Aaron Sauers at