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Local Administrative Privileges Technology

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Laboratory: National Security Agency (NSA)

Technology: Local administrative privileges 

Opportunity: This NSA-developed technology is now complete and ready for licensing. The technology is designed to be forward-compatible with future Windows operating systems. A technical demonstration is available upon request.

Details: This technology allows users administrative access for predetermined processes on their local machine. Network administrators typically have users locked out of certain configurations or setup functions, and these lockouts can delay critical work until an administrator grants access or does the work.

Some versions of the Windows operating system do not have a built-in interactive utility, or command, for launching a command shell that has the high privileges of “LocalSystem.”

This utility establishes a realm for so-called “power users” within specific environments while still maintaining consistent user credentials across domains.

Benefits: Aside from being a big time saver, this technology allows users to launch privileged command shells and requires much less work for the user by using a simple command for authentication.


  • Privileged terminal sessions within user environments
  • Advanced vulnerability analysis exercises
  • Applications requiring temporary high-level access privileges without system administrator invention.

Contact: For more information about this technology, contact the National Security Agency’s Office of Research & Technology Applications at