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Method for Production of Metallic Nanostructures on Cellulose Nanocrystals


Technology Description:

This invention consists of methods for synthesizing metallic and semiconductor nanomaterials on cellulose nanocrystals. Physically attaching nano-scale metallic and semiconductor particles to nano-diameter cellulose fibers maintains the high surface area and activity, but the micron-length scale of the cellulose nano-fiber provides dimension that can be used to maintain a fine dispersion of the nanoparticles while also providing the capability to recover the catalyst.


The U.S. Forest Service is seeking licensees and/or cooperators for this technology.


The quickly developing area of nano-research and development will become ever more important as companies search for materials to produce smaller and stronger components. The manufacturing and healthcare industries are especially interested in nano-scale manufacturing.

Potential Commercial Uses:

This invention would be of particular interest to anyone looking to manufacture nano-scale metallic structures.

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