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Mutant Soybeans

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Laboratory: Agricultural Research Service, Midwest Area

Technology: Mutant soybean line

Opportunity: Available for licensing

Details: Seed phytate is a repository of phosphorus and minerals in soybean seeds that most animals (non-ruminant) such as humans, swine and poultry cannot efficiently or effectively digest. ARS' novel soybean line contains two recessive mutations, which produces viable seeds that contain surprising reductions in total seed phytate and significantly higher levels of inorganic phosphate compared to normal soybeans.

Benefits: Increased bio-available phosphorus and certain micronutrients (iron, zinc), without the need to treat soybean meal with costly enzymes

Potential Applications:

  • Use in a breeding operation focused on improving soybean meal for animal feed mixtures. The soybean meal would require less phosphorus and  micronutrient supplementation
  • Soybean seeds for food applications that would have with improved micronutrient content (iron, zinc)

Contact: Renee Wagner, Technology Transfer Coordinator

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