Lab Spotlight

NASA Ames Research Center

SLS 1438892854

For the Space Launch System (SLS), NASA’s next generation launch vehicle, Ames Research Center performed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations on an analysis of structure, booster separation and forces on the engine hinges, providing critical information for down-selection from several vehicle shapes.

Ames’ Pleiades supercomputer was utilized for these complex simulations. Ongoing modeling and simulation support includes characterizing the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle for a suitable ascent path, determining the distributed aerodynamic forces along the vehicle for structural analysis, and providing surface pressure data to assist in designing other parts of the vehicle.

Considered “The Friendly Front Door to Silicon Valley,” NASA Ames leverages its Silicon Valley location and innovative partnerships with over 70 cutting-edge industries and universities to conduct applied research and produce critical-path technologies that enable NASA missions.

Lab Spotlight