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NASA Goddard’s Video Distribution and Storage Unit


Laboratory: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Technology: Video distribution and storage unit (VDSU)

Opportunity: This NASA technology is currently available to license.

Details: VDSU is a state-of-the-art, space flight -qualified, reconfigurable, fault tolerant system that controls and receives video from up to 24 monochrome/color digital cameras and other sensors; acts as a video router; provides simultaneous JPEG2000 compression on multiple sources; and provides solid-state data recording functionality. The unit is radiation-hardened by design Virtex 5 FPGA, and provides embedded processor support with high-performance external DD2 memory.

The VSDU provides extremely high performance all-in-one distribution, processing, JPEG2000 compression, and solid-state recording in a low power, compact system.


  • Low power, compact
  • Reconfigurable from the ground
  • Fault-tolerant


  • Satellite video distribution, processing, compression, and recording
  • Imaging satellites

Contact: For more information on this technology, contact NASA Goddard’s technology transfer office at

To read the complete details about this technology, view the original NASA fact sheet here: