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News Roundup

During this Thanksgiving season, we hope you're stopping to enjoy everything around you. While you do that, take a moment to pay attention to new developments you may have missed! We've got a lot of them in this news roundup.
  • If you suffer from seasonal depression, thisNational Institute of Mental Health-funded study reveals that talk therapy may help.
  • In an example of the range of research even in one lab,Lawrence Livermore National Lab has teamed up with tech company NVIDIA to build open-source compiler technologies, while other Livermore scientists may have discovered a way to slow the spreadof prostate cancer.
  • The mayor and University of Chicago recently celebratedthe local national labs. It's great to see that excitement in the city that will hostour next national meeting in just a few months!
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently launched a new challenge seeking apps that can support addition research.
  • DHS has launched a new research centerto help the Coast Guard study Alaska.
  • A new Washington Post editorialpositsthat the recent severe travel restrictions are putting a damper on collaborations—the kind that are needed for T2.
  • Congrats to SPAWAR Atlantic on being the first Navy lab to win this prestigious cyber forensics award!
  • How cool arethe newest3-D printed car and house from Oak Ridge National Lab?
  • Remember the teams from DARPA's Robotics Challenge? NASA is giving two of them a humanoid robot (and funding) to design robots that can work well on Mars.
  • NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab is seeking ideas from industry for its Asteroid Redirect Mission.
  • NIST has helped make a "quantum crystal" (really a 3-D formation of laser-trapped gas particles) five times denser—a valuable innovation for scientists studying magnets and advanced materials.
  • NPR asks, "How Do You Find Plutonium? Go to Nuclear Inspector School" at LANL.
  • Argonne's created two new centersto collaborate with industry on energy storage and nanotechnology.
  • The Indiana Business Research Center will expand its economic development tools and data through a new grant.
  • Learn how scientists like those at Brookhaven National Lab try to discover the secrets of antimatter.
  • A Senate commission has recommended more freedom for the DOE national labs, and recent testimony is urging the same.
As many of you take time off for the holiday, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!
Lab Spotlight