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NIST’s SPHERE Technology


Laboratory: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Technology: Simulated Photodegradation via High Energy Radiant Emission (SPHERE) Method and Technology for Artificial Weathering

Opportunity: The SPHERE technology is a NIST patented technology that is available for exclusive or nonexclusive licensing. 

Details: SPHERE is a novel ultraviolet (UV) weathering device that is used to increase the deterioration of polymeric materials and can generate laboratory weathering results similar to field-tested results when predicting the life of materials such as coatings, sealants, composites, roofing and siding components.

Benefits: With 28 specimen chambers that allow for independently and precisely controlled temperature and relative humidity, the SPHERE is a highly customizable specimen chamber that can simultaneously expose more than 550 specimens at one time. The technology also allows for uniformity in its UV exposure.

Applications: SPHERE can be applied to the following photogenic applications: 

  • Agriculture (e.g., the effect of UV radiation on the growth of fungi)
  • Biological (e.g., photosynthesis)
  • Medical (e.g., sunscreen efficiency, skin cancer).

Contact: For more information on the SPHERE technology and artificial weathering method, contact NIST’s Office of Technology Partnerships at