Lab Spotlight

Plastic Injection Molding at the University of Southern Indiana’s Applied Engineering Center

USI AECstudents PlasticInjectionMoldingMachine

University of Southern Indiana (USI) students prepare settings and feed plastic resin into a 50-ton plastic injection molding machine. Different plastic samples are molded in the lab to be tested later in USI’s Materials Testing Lab for impact, tensile strength and other physical properties. Students who are trained on technology like USI’s plastic injection molding machine have no problem getting work. The ability to send students into the workforce equipped for today’s advanced manufacturing industry has been buoyed by the completion of USI’s Applied Engineering Center (AEC).

The AEC is a learning lab for USI students, as well as a resource and catalyst for economic and workforce development in southern Indiana and the tri-state region. The 16,000-square-foot facility incorporates key features, such as an open high bay with 10-ton bridge crane and utility trenches, that enable prototyping, 3D scanning and printing, metalworking, woodworking, printed circuit board fabrication, and automation.

Lab Spotlight