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Precision 3D Printing from National Security Agency

Dept. of Defense
NSA precision 3D printing

The National Secuerity Agency’s (NSA) Inkwell offers the most advanced technology for 3D electronics fabrication. It provides real-time, on-demand measurement of the ink stream deposition rate on an aerosol-jet 3D printer. Currently, the ink stream deposition rate on this precision 3D printer is measured via visual inspection of lines during printing or by measuring a feature after printing. Inkwell provides precise control while printing, enabling complex product fabrication such as printing circuitry directly onto a part itself, eliminating the need for a circuit board. Inkwell has a patent pending and is one of many NSA technologies available to license. 

NSA’s portfolio of patented technologies can be leveraged by companies of any size to build or enhance their businesses. The NSA TTP creates partnerships with public and private institutions that advance science, promote technology commercialization, and accelerate mission solutions by engaging NSA personnel with trusted technology partners. 

Lab Spotlight