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Ready for Transfer: High-Voltage Water Purification

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Laboratory: NASA Glenn Research Center

Technology: High-voltage water purification for water recycling or point-of-use applications

Opportunity: NASA Glenn’s high-voltage water purification technology is patent pending and offers several industry applications for interested partners.

Details: First developed for recycling water in space, NASA’s water technology offers numerous uses in industrial water treatment, water recycling, and water purification for military bases, disaster areas, and regions without easy access to clean water. Through electrical energy, the technology uses plasma-generated reactive species to rid water of contaminants ranging from submicron particles to industrial dyes. 

Benefits: There are seemingly endless benefits to the NASA high-voltage water purification technology. As an environmentally friendly technology, it does not introduce any toxic chemicals into liquids, and can provide clean water on-demand. While simple and durable in design, this technology is also highly antiseptic as it attacks and destroys any microbes it encounters. 

Potential Applications:

  • Wastewater and groundwater treatment
  • Point-of-use drinking water
  • Pretreatment of contaminants
  • Hydraulic fracturing water reuse

Contact: To learn more about NASA Glenn’s high-voltage water purification technology, contact

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