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Ready for Transfer: Manhole Cover Tamper Protection

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Laboratory: National Security Agency (NSA)

Technology: Manhole Cover Tamper Protection

Opportunity: The NSA’s manhole cover tamper protection technology has completed its technology development and readiness stages, and is available for licensing.

Details: Functioning as a security saddle, this NSA-developed technology allows the padlock and tamper indication mechanism to be mounted below the lock bar on a manhole cover closure system. With this technology, the padlock and tamper and tamper-evident device can be securely placed in a position where the top manhole cover won’t strike the locking mechanism when it swings down during manual removal. In turn, this NSA technology prevents damage to the lock, saddle, eyebolt, and/or tamper-indicating device. Protecting these devices increases security and lowers cost. 

Benefits: In addition to protecting from outer padlock damage during removal of a manhole cover, the tamper protection technology eliminates the need for multiple custom security products. The technology is also applicable to many common manhole covers.

Potential Applications:

  • Protect service infrastructure from terrorist attacks
  • Secure educational campuses and office parks
  • Secure access points of telecom and utilities services that use manhole cover systems.

Contact: For more information about this technology, contact the NSA Technology Transfer Program’s Office of Research and Technology Applications at

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