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Real-Time Simultaneous Identification of Multiple Voices

Dept. of Defense

The technology provides multiple speaker identification by identifying voices (or other sounds) in a manner that uniquely mimics the essence of the ear-to-brain interconnection through extensive human voice identification learning and recognition training. The object is real-time or faster voice identification needing only relatively simple computing resources. Specifically, this invention looks for prosody matches (spectral patterns over time periods) that were trained into a software Artificial Neural Network (ANN)—based model. Although intended to be used together, the Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter patent can be singularly applied to other uses as well. 

Potential Applications:

  • - Voice recognition for home automation
  • - Sound detection for security systems
  • - Assistive technology
  • - Audio forensics
  • - Biomimetic voice systems


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