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Start the New Year Off With NASA Spinoff 2016!

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Happy New Year! If you've been away for the holidays, you could use a mood booster now that you're back at work. Try checking out all the amazing technology achievements in NASA's 2016 issues of Spinoff!

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, Spinoff delves into NASA technologies that make life better on earth—improving the economy as well as our lives. These spinoffs contribute to the country’s economic growth by generating billions of dollars in revenue and creating thousands of jobs.

In this year's edition, find out how NASA scientists helped a company develop a commercial kiln that turns waste plastic into useful petroleum products; how astronauts 'G-suits have been adapted to save women suffering from postpartum hemorrhage; and how a system designed to transform the Martian atmosphere into rocket fuel is helping microbreweries recapture carbon dioxide and carbonate their beer. And that's only scratching the surface.

“Innovations made to advance space exploration regularly make an impact back on our own planet,” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer Program executive. “You can find NASA technology in virtually every facet of modern life.”

The book also includes a section, “Spinoffs of Tomorrow,” that highlights 20 technologies ripe for commercial adaptations, including a coating inspired by lotus leaves that protects surfaces from water, dust and contaminants, and a battery management system that can inexpensively extend battery life and improve reliability. All are available for licensing and partnership opportunities through NASA’s Technology Transfer Program.

Visit NASA's Spinoff site for print and digital copies, or download a version for your iPad in the Apple Store!