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USAF Academy Cadets Pitch Status-Monitored Sacrificial Anode Technology

Dept. of Defense

USAF Academy Cadets Dillon Launius, Bradley Mokris, and Landon Walrod pitch their patented "status-monitored sacrificial anode with non-destructive replacement technology" at the Colorado Springs Catalyst Campus. This novel technology allows for nondestructive structural health monitoring of concrete-steel structures (e.g., bridges and dams) to protect them from corrosion. The system incorporates a service life monitoring capability that allows for proper maintenance timing and easy repair and replacement, saving time and expense.

The Academy's research mission is to plan and execute research programs in Air Force-relevant technologies, including basic and applied research across engineering, basic sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Its laboratory carries out a number of programs sponsored by other agencies (e.g., Air Force Office of Scientific Research, DoD High-Performance Computing Modernization Office, etc.) and provides technology-literate officers to the Air Force Research Laboratory, product divisions, and other Air Force agencies.

Lab Spotlight
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