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USDA’s Advancing Tick-borne Disease Diagnostics Technology

Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)

Laboratory: U.S. Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Technology: TickPath Layerplex

Opportunity: This USDA technology is available for licensing by interested industry parties.

Details: Ticks and tick-borne diseases kill humans and animals. Enhanced pathogen detection is needed to improve the diagnosis of these diseases. The TickPath Layerplex is an innovative quantitative PCR (qPCR) assay that detects several tick-borne pathogens simultaneously. This assay aids in the diagnosis and treatment of human and animal tick-borne diseases.


  • Detects several groups of tick-borne pathogens in a sample simultaneously
  • Distinguishes type of tick-borne pathogen in the sample simultaneously
  • Guides decision for rapid and appropriate treatment
  • Results obtained faster than with other types of assays


  • Use during or after treatment of some tick-borne diseases as serologic titers can be persistent despite proper treatment of infection
  • Replaces serologic titer assays which are unable to determine if an active infection is occurring
  • Can assay whole tick, tick fluid, and serum from dogs, cats cattle, etc.

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