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Walnut Twig Beetle Repellent


Laboratory: Forest Products Laboratory

Technology: Methods of Monitoring and Controlling the Walnut Twig Beetle, Pityophthorus Juglandis

Opportunity: Licensees and/or cooperators are being sought for this technology.

Description: The walnut trees Juglans regia and Juglans nigra are two highly valuable forest resources. However, these species are threatened by the Thousand Cankers Disease. Walnut twig beetles (Pityophthorus juglandis) cause this disease by carrying spores of the fungus Geosmithia morbida, which infect the trees.

This invention discloses a method to detect, attract, and repel walnut tree beetles, providing a means to control and counteract the entry route for Thousand Cankers Disease. These pheromones are produced by walnut tree beetles, and some are also produced by walnut trees. Combinations of these semiochemicals can detect, attract, or repel the walnut tree beetle as necessary, providing a means to prevent Thousand Cankers Disease, and also to monitor and control walnut tree beetle populations.

Potential Commercial Applications: This technology is primarily useful for protecting walnut tree species against Thousand Cankers Disease. As such, it would be a valuable resource to private and public entities, both on a small scale and for the walnut tree industry as a whole.

Contact: Janet Stockhausen, Patent Advisor

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