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NASA’s Free Software Catalog Includes Apps, Code Libraries and More

NASA freesoftware

NASA recently released its 2017-18 software catalog, brimming with code, apps, tools, resources, and more available for anyone to use. The ongoing initiative is part of the agency’s Technology Transfer Program, and is designed to encourage further advances through public innovation.

“In the two years since the publication of our last catalog, we’ve been working behind the scenes to streamline and expedite the software release process,” said Daniel Lockney, Technology Transfer Program Executive. “NASA has been charged with making its technology as broadly available to the public as possible, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.”

The catalog includes publicly available code, in addition to mobile apps like the Space Weather App for Android. Categorized into 15 subject-matter categories, each available code has been cleared of access requirements and restrictions. Requesting software from the agency or a specific lab can be done through the NASA Catalog website.

To view the full, updated catalog, visit  

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