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NASA’s New Data Portal Grants Public Access to Federal Research

NASA portal

With the click of a button, years of federal research data are now accessible to the public thanks to the newly launched NASA-Funded Research Results portal. Located on the NASA.gov website, the new portal aims to answer the call set forth by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in 2013 for agencies to increase public access to federally funded scientific studies and their findings.

With the move to making NASA R&D results and publications readily available to the public, NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman stated that “through open access and innovation we invite the global community to join us in exploring Earth, air and space.”

By opening up access to cutting-edge research, NASA is also spurring the acceleration of science and technology research at other agencies, universities, and research centers across the country.

The agency is also requiring NASA-funded researchers to make their peer-reviewed journal articles publicly accessible through PubSpace, an online publication database that houses NASA-funded research that is available for download.

To learn more about the new data portal, visit http://www.nasa.gov/open/researchaccess.

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